Dog Park

May 21, 2017

12:00 - 6:00

PBR Hampton Roads

1976 Power Plant Parkway

Hampton, Virginia


Our ROCK & RESCUE DOG PARK offers the most adorable and adoptable dogs around.  Come by and check out the tail waggin, sloppy kisses, and hopeful eyes of those looking for homes!!

Looking for the most athletic dogs around?  You are in the right place!  Check out our star canine demonstrations!

Holly Creek Border Collies


In 2015 the Holly Creek Border Collies began performing combination Frisbee/Agility demonstrations. These beautiful and athletic collies are fiercely competitive, learn very quickly and love the challenge of mastering new tricks. Their owners, Dave and Donna Thomas, work with them daily as a part of their regular exercise and play time. To them it's just great fun!



The Hairier Jump Jets were the FIRST flyball team in Virginia!  Flyball is a relay race with 4 dogs on a team - any ball-loving dog can particiapte.. The racing “course” consists of a starting line, 4 hurdles spaced 10 feet apart, and a flyball box. The dogs jump the hurdles and step on a spring loaded plate on the box front, which shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the tennis ball and then runs back over the 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog on the team runs the course. The first team to have all 4 dogs run up & back without errors wins the heat.


Sheep Herding Demonstration

Sheep Herding is something you just do not get to see many times in Hampton Roads!  Come out and watch the skill of these canines as they herd their flock!

Churchland K9

K9 - Nose Work

Join the staff at Churchland K9 as they demonstrate K9 Nose Work - a unique  training activity designed to develop a dog’s natural scenting ability by using her/his curiosity, desire to hunt, and love of toys, food and exercise. The art and practice of nose work is open to dogs of all shapes and sizes and has made basic search dog skills available to companion dogs, creating a new sport arena for dog enthusiasts.



Churchland K9

K9 Nose Work


Holly Creek Border Collies

Frizgility Demonstration


Oct 10

Hairier Jump Jets Flyball Team

Flyball Demonstration


Oct 10

Isle Of Calais  Healthy Outdoors

Sheep Herding Demonstration


Hairier Jump Jets Flyball Team

Flyball Demonstration


Isle Of Calais Healthy Outdoors

Sheep Herding Demonstration


Come Find Your New Best Friend


A United In Rescue Member

East Coast Canine Alliance is a non-profit rescue covering the greater Hampton Roads area with headquarters based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our mission is to save the lives of all dogs in need that we encounter regardless of health, breed, or age. We believe in the inherent value of all life, and we strive to give every dog the chance at life and happiness that they deserve. We have a vision to provide safe and reliable foster homes for every dog coming through our rescue and to make a smooth transition to a loving, lifelong home with being restrained by limited resources or volunteers. Please visit our website for more information.

Operation Save A Shelter Dog

A United In Rescue Member

Operation Save A Shelter Dog is a non-profit canine rescue located in Zuni, Virginia..  Our mission is to work with kill shelters in rural southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina to rescue dogs at risk of euthanasia and prepare them for adoption.  We also work to rehome dogs from families in crisis.  Please visit our website for more information.

Pit Road K9 Rescue and Sanctuary

A United In Rescue Member

Pit Road K-9 Rescue and Sanctuary was established in 1998. It is a non-profit, no kill rescue based in Williamsburg, Va. Pit Road relies on fosters to open their homes and hearts to the dogs and help prepare them for their forever home. Pit Road also relies on donations to help with vet costs and the everyday care of all of our dogs.  For more information, please visit our website.

Bay Beagles Rescue

Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc is a 501c3 non profit rescue dedicated to saving those Beagles most in need - the abused, abandoned, senior, and special needs dogs. Our goal is the provide safe, loving foster and adoptive homes for our Beagles for the remainder of their lives. We are located in Virginia Beach VA.

Saver of Souls

Saver of Souls is a non-profit pet rescue located in Virginia Beach, VA.  They are dedicated to helping pets in need and helping them to find their forever homes.  For more information, please contact them through their facebook page:

K9 Justice League

The K9 Justice League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2008 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is owned and operated by it's founders Jessica Wilde and Tiffany Gray. The K9 Justice League works locally and in surrounding areas rescuing and re-homing dogs in need. An amazing group of dedicated friends, family, and volunteers help with keeping this rescue up and running.  For more information, please see their website:

4 Paws Animal Rescue

4 Paws Animal Rescue specializes in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed. By involving and educating the community, 4 Paws Animal Rescue works to raise the public's awareness of the plight of homeless animals as well as realizing the benefits of adopting an animal in need. Our animals are examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and receive any and all medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information, please see their website:

Rainbow Animal Rescue

Rainbow Animal Rescue is a non-profit, all volunteer organization, established to rescue and place unwanted animals in qualified, loving homes. Through education, we seek to create an animal-friendly community in the Tidewater area. Established in 2005, Rainbow is located in Norfolk, Virginia. .For more information, please see their website:

Ruff Road

Ruff Road Pet Rescue is a non-profit rescue located in. Their goal is to assist underprivileged pets find forever, loving families. They are "Friends of the Emporia, VA Animal Shelter" and other rural shelters which often require additional help due to low funding.. For more information, please see their facebook page:

Bertie County Humane Society

Bertie County Humane Society (Roanoke Chowan Humane Society) is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that consists of volunteers working out of our county kill shelter.  Their mission is to protect and shelter the stray, orphaned, abandoned, & unwanted animals of Bertie County, NC. We strive to place them into loving, furever homes. We also work closely with rescues and deeply value and appreciate these relationships.    For more information, please see their website:

Critters 4U Rescue, Inc.

Critters 4 U Rescue, located in Hampton, Virginia is a non-profit rescue.  They work with the community to save and help the unwanted/homeless animals have a second chance in life. Many of these animals have had a rough start in life and just need a second chance to have a happy healthy life.  For more information, please see their website:

Pugs U Gotta Save

Pugs U Gotta Save ( P.U.G.S. ) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescue and tending to the needs of abandoned and surrendered Pugs in Virginia! P.U.G.S. fosters abandoned and surrendered Pugs from animal shelters, puppy mills and from owners unable to continue caring for their dog. Our ultimate goal is to permanently place homeless pugs into forever homes with loving families. While in our care, we provide our Pugs with a loving foster home, address the Pug's medical needs and provide any behavioral training needed to ensure that our dogs will transition well into their new forever homes. We also offer public education on the Pug breed and on the unique responsibilities of Pug ownership.

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit created to provide every foster and adoptive family with basic training and education to ensure a successful placement for the dogs we rescue. Every dog pulled will be spay/neutered, receive all necessary shots and immunizations, be treated for heartworms and/or any other diseases prior to being placed with a permanent home.

Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue, Inc

We are a non-profit corporation, with a 501(c)(3) designation, dedicated to helping Akitas in need. We generally serve Virginia, North Carolina, and parts of South Carolina, but we work where the Akitas need us to! We offer adoptable dogs, rescue, education, and support to Akita owners and adopters nation wide.

Dogs Of Destiny

Dogs of Destiny is a 501c3 non profit breed specific rescue organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of pitbulls and pit mixes. They educate through breed specific historically correct facts, dog training, specifically bully breed training classes and individual training sessions, and youth based educational material and meetings against dog fighting and animal cruetly.

Giant Hearts Giant Dogs Rescue

Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue is a 501c3 organization. We specialize in Giant Breed dogs such as Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Great Dane, and Mastiffs. We are a foster based organization in Virginia. Most of our volunteers are in the Hampton Roads area.