Racquets to the Rescue



May 21, 2017

12:00 - 6:00

PBR Hampton Roads

1976 Power Plant Parkway

Hampton, Virginia


Our SpokesDogs are the HEART of our event....they are each amazing dogs.  They have shared important messages all year on areas of animal welfare and will be featured on banners at the event.  


Margaret Harbeck & April McAlexaner

Beautiful Spokesdog Rogue was dumped in a shelter with cancer at age 10! With rescue from Operation Save A Shelter Dog and lots of care, Rogue recovered, gained back her health and her smile. Last fall, she touched the heart of a local family and now has a home of her own - where she is the love of their lives! Rogue encourages everyone to consider adopting senior dogs.


Donna Riley

Brandi Amelia Pond Riley was born in the hills of West Virginia. Life did not start out very easy for her - there were lots of ups and downs. In a search for her “family”, this sweet girl went through more than 5 foster homes - never quite finding the one that was right for her. Dejected and giving up hope, she felt she was resigned to being a “part time” dog. Little did she know that the magic was just around the next corner. When two things fit very well together, you can say that they are "a perfect match”, and that was the case with beautiful Brandi and her next foster home - which became her forever home where she is loved to the moon and back. Brandi loves cats, doing pibble rolls in the yard, and being a couch potato! Bradi encourages everyone to consider becoming a foster parent for a dog in need.


Barrett & Elke Baker

Sometimes you don’t go looking for a dog, but through some cosmic intervention, a dog finds you. That was the case with SpokesDog Ariel. Dropped off as a stray at a local SPCA, this beauty was chewing on some paper in her cage when a couple stopped by to turn in their application for the dog next to her. The stars crossed in Ariel’s favor as that dog had just been adopted. The couple noticed her and gave her a chance! She won them over right from the start - the connection was instant - and soon Ariel became the center of the family. In love with the water, back scratches, and sleeping next to her humans - Ariel landed herself a home full of love which she eagerly returned! Sadly, just short of her 9th birthday, Ariel developed inoperable cancer and crossed the bridge. Her parents miss her greatly, and wanted to honor her memory and the utter joy she brought to their family. Ariel encourages everyone to support shelter and rescue dogs - particularly black dogs.


Bernice Moore

Kammo (short for Camoflague) is a big 5 month old baby, he loves to run in the backyard, play w/his big "little" brothers Choco & Peanut. His mom is the owner of Rex & Friends Dog Wash in Newport News, VA - a great local dog business and a proud sponsor for Racquets to the Rescue! Kammo is the Official Greeter at Rex & Friends! His favorite thing to do is give hugs and kisses to everyone he meets. Kammo was adopted early in December from Pit Road Rescue. He is starting his training to be a Therapy Dog & Service Dog.

Kammo will be telling you all the ins and outs regarding these special dogs!

Bella Bo

Teresa Smith

SpokesDog Bella Bo is a sweet senior and is approximately 10 years old. She was rescued by her mom when she was just a baby! Bella Bo wants everyone to be aware of how to stay safe while having fun in the summer.


Crystal Beauvais

Raven is a 2 year old husky shepherd puppy. She loves to talk to you and run and jump over everything. She is also perfectly content as a lap dog. She was the runt of the litter from an accidental backyard breeding. She has helped be a voice for spay and neutering pets to prevent situations like this. She also loves to round up her friends and show them the ropes around the house.


Denise Wilkes

Coby is a sweet senior lab mix - 14 years young - that was adopted by his owners as a puppy (oh how we love those lifelong dogs)! Coby has three fur brothers and sisters - a Australian shepherd mix, shihtzu, and a tripod lab. Unfortunately, Coby has cancer, and in this picture he is relaxing after a massage! Keep your paws crossed that those massages keep bringing him comfort!


Joshua Avila

SpokesDog Frida is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION - PLEASE SHARE HER! Frida is approximately 3 years old and is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier, German Short Haired Pointer, and Herding Mix. She is not only beautiful - but super smart!  Frida loves toys, swimming in pools, and smelling things out.  SpokesDog Frida is an expert on Doggie DNA and what it can tell you!